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Life Coaching with Rebecca

Living and being in stress can take many different types of "tools" to get out of, but creative tools allowed me to be with my soul to listen intimately so I could explore, journey, and transform my life situation in a way that was healing for me. It was achieved with both creativity, and true forgiveness to bring more play and joy and purpose into my life. I believe creativity and creative habits are the best tools to use on a journey back home to our true self.  



Life Balance




Your Soul Needs Nourishing When:

  • Life isn’t satisfying

  • Career/Job isn’t satisfying

  • Joy and happiness seem elusive and rare

  • Creative interests have waned

  • You feel like you’re disconnected to a part of you

  • There’s a feeling of heaviness in your heart

  • You’re not sure who you are or want to be


Coaching for Soul Healing

As a Certified Creative Life Coach, Kaizen-Muse Coach and Forgiveness Coach I am able to provide a unique, dynamic and creative approach to Life Coaching.


My commitment to all my clients is to be a supportive guide providing creative tools for healing, expansion, and empowerment to move through life transitions and occurrences that cause indecisiveness, anxiety, fear, and judgement - all of which can cause a disconnect from our soul and keep us from living the life we desire and deserve. 

Becoming Certified as a Creative Depth Coach through Journey Path Institute has been the most transformative process not only for myself, but for my clients. Creative Depth Coaching is an opportunity to be with creative process for the purpose of discovering and engaging in one's inner wisdom for insight and well-being.

Depth Coaching is a psycho-spiritual approach that combines art process, Jungian Psychology, Archetypal Psychology, and Depth Psychology that supports healing, wholeness and personal expansion.  Using collage, painting, narrative process and integrative depth work clients have the opportunity to discover and reveal insights, next steps, and opportunities for life transitions. 

Kaizen-Muse Coaching provides small creative ways to "trick" our inner critic dialogue and motivate us to "do it anyway" so that you can move on to the next small step or be in a creative flow. I have used the Kaizen-Muse tools to help clients overcome procrastination, perfectionism, self sabotage, and feelings of being overwhelmed to help guide them in achieving their creative and life goals.  What attracted me to the Kaizen-Muse method of coaching through Jill Badonsky was the philosophy of small steps to achieve big goals.


Forgiveness Coaching helps clients on how to forgive themselves and others using the self-paced forgiveness process to bring peace, health, and self-love back into their heart.  Without a guide, the path of true forgiveness can be a long, lonely and emotional journey.


Both creative and forgiveness practices have allowed me to be more "present" with my life, to be more mindful with my decisions, to set boundaries, and to feel a sense of self- confidence and spiritual grounding for what life presents to me.


Are you ready to creatively explore how to journey back to wholeness, balance, joy and live your your most authentic life?  Book your free 30 minute Discovery Call to discover how Creative Life Coaching can help you live your most authentic life!

Soul Nourishment
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