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at a special SoulCollage® Workshop


What’s Included?

The workshop will include making themed SoulCollage® cards inspired by the book Women Rowing North by Mary Pipher. All cards will be created centered around the books inspirational life themes such as: Anchoring in Gratitude, Creating Community, Making Intentional Choices, Understanding Ourselves, Building a Good Day, Authenticity and Self-Acceptance. The two hour workshop will provide stress-free time to create, share, explore and be enlightened by new ways to process and integrate the workshop theme into your life for creating and navigating a more joyful life. Each participant is given a kit of SoulCollage® supplies to create their cards as well as access to an abundance of images to create their cards. Participants will also learn creative ways to personalize their SoulCollage® cards. 




Why attend?

The SoulCollage® process can be used as tools of transformation to help us navigate the many challenges of life. Engaging in creativity give us ways to access our own inner resources and intuition. Collaging making is an expressive art that focuses on the process rather than an end product. The expressive art process is an opportunity to create intuitively from your soul. It's an opportunity to access our inner world and deepen our understanding of ourselves as we journey on this path called life. Both processes allow us to create a sense of order out of the information that bombards us from all directions, and both encourage us to develop a higher level of awareness which enables us to thrive in the complex and ever-changing world in which we live. Bonus: You do not need experience with making collage cards or have to read the book!

What is SoulCollage®?

SoulCollage® is a creative tool for artful self-expression that is a fun and easy creative process that is truly accessible to everyone, even people who believe they have no artistic ability. It is a mindful and soul-tending practice that honors one’s personal journey, while promoting personal growth and self-acceptance.  Using intuition and imagination you create collaged cards that reflect an aspect of you. The cards are a visual story that invite you to step into deeper awareness to discover how it relates to your inner and outer world and how you can navigate more smoothly through your daily life.  The opportunity to intuitively create after a mindful labyrinth walk is a deeply soulful experience. The images you choose will hold energy for you to experience and explore.

In Women Rowing North: Navigating Life’s Currents and Flourishing as We Age, Mary Pipher offers many insights and a frank perspective on positive ways to move “north”, as she calls aging. Her book provides insights and topics which we will use to create SoulCollage® cards for a deeper insight into these themes of how to NAVIGATE YOUR LIFE JOURNEY WITH MORE JOY!

SoulCollage®  Cards


The afternoon went by so fast but I thought about it all the way home. How fortuitous that you brought together these women… I felt like I learned something from each one of them and you. I was very blessed to attend today.

Thank you for guiding me through your workshop on Sunday. I am continuing to reflect upon the time that we all spent together yet realizing that it was a very different experience for each of us. 

Yesterday was a real pleasure, I’m usually not much of a talker or one to share, thanks for the comforting environment and engaging activity to help me open up.

Thank you for a creative afternoon, I'm surprised at the clarity that presented itself with the images. I probably only absorbed 20% of what you shared, but it feels like I heard what I was meant to.

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SoulCollage® Workshop

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