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What it is: Expressive Art is a creative process that encourages creating from one’s authentic self. It honors the creative process over the end result. It explores one’s unique creativity for self-discovery, healing, and personal transformation. The expressive art process invites you to explore HEALING CREATIVITY to restore and rejuvenate your soul to rediscover your creative intuitive intelligence.


Creative Soul Care™ Workshops facilitate Expressive art, writing, movement and rhythm as tools to explore our unique creativity.  The workshops are designed to encourage the practice of being present in the moment and being heart-centered with creativity without fear or self-judgment, allowing an individual’s full potential and unique creative voice to be expressed, written, drawn, felt and heard.  The creative Expressive Arts process strengthens our relationship with our inner wisdom, inner healer, and inner teacher, allowing transformative self-acceptance to live life closer to one’s AUTHENTIC SELF and to love yourself and others with more compassion.


Creative Soul Care™ Workshops nurture the creative and courageous spirit of women who want to experience flow -- a healing state in which participants are fully immersed, energized, and engaged in their intuitive, creative and spiritual self.

What it’s not:  Expressive Art is not therapy.  All information is for educational purposes only and not specifically intended to diagnose, prescribe, treat, cure medical conditions or replace medical advice.

What is Expressive Arts?

Our Participants

Most of the women who attend Creative Soul Care™ Workshops  are CURIOUS.  They are curious about themselves and their life situations and goals.  Some want to reconnect with themselves in a creative environment that encourages the freedom of an authentic and non-judgmental creative process. Others are interested in having CREATIVITY back in their life for healing, self-discovery, personal growth and joyful play. 

Many are in "life transitions" such as career changes, divorce, medical recovery, pregnancy, becoming a parent, empty nest, care of elderly parents, family relationships, adult child moving back home, or managing the demands of being a wife and mom, and most have neglected SOUL CARE time. 

Creative Soul Care Workshops provide women the opportunity to check into their AUTHENTIC SELF without fear or judgement and to discover their truest desires and needs. These women want to NOURISH THEIR SOUL.

Learn more about the health benefits of Creative Soul Care here.



Creative Soul Care™ offers weekly and monthly series workshops that provide personal coaching for learning creative habits that are essential to living a healthier, happier and more authentic life. Workshops are provided for private groups and individuals, as well as non-profits and corporations and the general public. 

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