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Awaken Your Creative Soul with Qigong: A Mind and Body Practice

I created a short and simple Qigong practice to Awaken your Creative Soul. It has four steps that when done with mindful intention can stimulate Qi (energy) within us and also cultivate a

practice of being present with your soul. Soul Care!💜

Qigong movements help with the regulation of bodily processes through exercise and meditation by stimulating the human body helping it return to a state of balance by regulating the forces of life within. Qigong exercises have the effect of allowing Qi (energy) to flow freely in our body, essentially through stretching out our limbs and muscles so that blood and lymph may flow easier, enhancing circulation, and through it oxygen and glycogen delivery.

To get and make the best out of your practice, try to focus on your breath and your movement at the same time and never rush through the movements. For the following exercise, your movements should be smooth, continuous and uninterrupted. Repeat steps 2 & 3 three times (or more if you have more time and enjoy being in the energy flow you are creating). This practice I only takes 1-2 minutes!

Note: I have provided a suggested intention for you to consciously think of for each movement. These are just suggestions and if you prefer to focus on breath (feeling the inhale and exhale) that is great too. Remember to make this YOUR practice and consciously decide what feels best for you and your body.

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