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Grounding with Gratitude 💜

“Gratitude can transform any situation. It alters your vibration, moving you from negative energy to positive. It’s the quickest, easiest most powerful way to effect change in your life — this I know for sure.”


Gratitude can be hard to find when life is giving you lots of lemons, but as we know, we have the opportunity to take those lemons and make them into lemonade. Sounds simple, but making the choice to be “with gratitude” relies on our heart being open and our mind being present in the moment. Deep breaths help too!

Making the choice to living mindfully and with an open heart is best not viewed as a goal that needs to be achieved, but rather as a choice that we make moment to moment knowing that the choice of gratitude is always there waiting for us. No need to judge how often you choose or how infrequently you choose…just have awareness that in any moment you can pause and breathe in the feeling of gratitude. Gratitude of health, family, friends, faith, money, intuition, pets, blue skies, singing birds, homemade food….the list is endless. And in that moment you choose to feel gratitude, you feel grounded. Grounded to your heart and soul.

When life gets busy or overwhelming, connect with yourself and your true intentions. Creative Soul Care™ will provide you with the grounding tools that will lay the foundation for life filled with balance and gratitude. The more grateful you become, the more you have to be grateful for.

Our thoughtfully curated menu of expressive art offerings are intended to open hearts, eyes and minds to the beautiful wonders, big or small, that surround us in our daily lives.

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