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Reflections on 2019

December is a great time to reflect and take stock of the year past. I have curated a few reflective questions for you to ponder and then journal your thoughts. No need to answer them all. Maybe choose the ones you feel most called to journal about. Enjoy the process of letting your soul speak to you.💜

What went well? Take stock of what went well this year and know that nothing is too small to own, celebrate and bring forward as positive fuel for the days and year ahead.

Remembering what we have accomplished both big and small fuels our well-being and gives us internal resources to step up to life’s challenges

What surprised you? Reflect on the surprises that came your way – and then on how you responded. What do you notice about your ability to adapt and pivot within the unexpected? Those who are nimble and quick are better primed to seize opportunities and work with change. People who resist and insist on certainty and/or the same way of doing things can find themselves stressed out and side-lined.

Whether for better or otherwise, the skills of the day are adaptability, heartiness, and resourcefulness.

What did this year teach you? How did you grow from your year? What insights, knowledge, skills were gained or reinforced?

Every experience, for better or worse, can be a 'teacher' if we use it well.

What are you noticing or even having hunches about? Think about the past year and your world of work and life. What signs or even inklings of change need to be heeded? Where might the opportunities come from? What are you ignoring that can put you at risk?

Paying attention with an open mind and some self trust can prepare you better for even the seemingly unknown.

What needs to be left behind? What’s no longer working? What might be holding you back. Where do you need to discard ideas, strategies, and ways of doing things that don't work any more despite your best efforts? Also, ask yourself if it's time to let some doors close this year (if they must) and shift your energy to new areas of opportunity?

Maybe those pesky old ideas, poor habits, and self-limiting behaviors😀 need a reboot in 2020.

Wrap up your year with a name that fits: Give your 2019 the distinctive, memorable quality it deserves by considering the stand-out experiences and lessons and complete this phrase: “2019 was my year of ___.

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