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Wings of Awakening

Updated: May 3, 2020

The practice of meditation, or coming into presence, is described as having two wings. The wing of mindfulness allows us to see what is actually happening in the present moment without judgement. The other wing is heartfulness or love — holding what we see with tenderness and compassion.” - Tara Brach

As we start to awaken from our “shelter in place” cocooning time, to “phases of reentering our communities” how will you prepare your “Wings of Awakening”?

I’ve created a few journaling questions for you to reflect on how you might prepare your own “Wings of Awakening” during our Covid cocooning period, using the balance of meditation or presence and heartfulness or love to help you help you fly into the next phase of this pandemic.

I invite you to just check in with yourself and feel into the inquiry without judgment:

Meditation or Presence:

How do I feel right now in this present moment in my life, especially about the Covid situation right now?

In this present moment, can I let myself feel whatever emotions arise?

Is there anything in this present moment that could help me feel more comfortable with handling the next steps?

Heartfulness or Love:

Can I regard my present thoughts with kindness?

How can I share my compassion with others?

Can I be gentle with myself as I take the next best step for me?

With two wings of presence and love, we can cultivate the ability to wake up out of the spell of our current cocooning and sense the light within us in our soul waiting to shine.

Now, GO FLY!

This butterfly is for you to color or paint and write a few motivating intentions on the wings.

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