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MY ETSY SHOP  has SoulCollage™ Cards as well as high quality 130lb weight/17PT white collage cards that are not as thick but are good quality and less expensive as well as card protective sleeves which you can order by clicking the button at the bottom of this page.

NOTE:  If you want supplies mailed to you from my Etsy Site for a upcoming session please place your order A WEEK PRIOR to the session date to ensure you get the package before the Zoom call.



Heavyweight card stock, index card or any thin cardboard such as cereal boxes or manila folders cut to 5" x 8" can serve as your substitute.


IMAGES - Finding images on your own is a fun and meditative process that I recommend if you have the time. As you scan a magazine or other source for images you want to have an awareness of when your body “speaks to you”. You will usually have a feeling/emotion arise in your body.  The feeling can be either good or uncomfortable. When you feel any reaction to an image, tear that page out.  Don’t worry about trying to understand the feeling just honor that your body spoke to you and save that image. Don’t overthink the exercise. It can be as simple as “liking” an image or “disliking” an image as to why you tear them out.

Gather images of people, animals  AND  images of backgrounds without people or animals (landscapes, art, water, sky, space, abstract images, architecture, etc).


  • Magazines, calendars and old books are often our typical "go to's" for images, but if youdo not have many or any available to cut up, there are plenty of other sources forimages:

  • Prints from online sites - (see a few below)

  • Catalogs, pamphlets

  • Junk mail

  • Greeting cards, postcards

  • Postage stamps, stickers

  • Paper craft materials - printed paper or card stock, die cuts

  • Wrapping paper, tissue paper, gift tags

  • Printed packaging or shopping bags

  • Old bookmarks, business cards

  • Old maps

  • Coloring pages

  • Your own artwork in its entirety or deconstructed - painting, drawing

  • Nature's treasures - pressed flowers/leaves, feathers



Copyright free images can be printed from various websites and these are just a few Pinterest, Unsplash, Pixaby, 123RF, Curated CutUps an Etsy Shop that sells pre-cut and un-cut images 

SCISSORS - A common household staple, but if you misplaced your pair, try making a card with torn

instead of cut images. My favorite brand of scissors:  Bee Cutter Scissors and Fiskars

GLUE - Glue sticks are easiest to use. Use tape in a pinch. Or let me know and I can mail a glue stick to you. SoulCollagers use the brand Pioneer and UHU. What you have available is just fine. Amazon sells both of these glues.

JOURNAL AND PEN - any paper to write on is fine.


XACTO KNIFE - this is not required but is quite handy to trim the edges of collage cards

SELF HEALING MAT - this is used with the Xacto knife to prevent surface damage

These items help create a personal ritual of “soul care” time as you create.  They are not required, but can help set a calming mood for your space.

  •     Candle

  •     Tea

  •     Essential oil such as lavender (I like to place a drop into the palms of my hands and rub my palms together and then bring my palms up near my nose and take a deep breath in).


May I suggest you gather all your supplies and place them in a bag/box/basket to be easily accessible on the day of the call. This will alleviate any last minute panic to gather supplies.

I look forward to seeing you soon!


Creative Life Coach

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